What is Abstinance?


Why Save Sex For Marriage?


Benefits Of Abstinence


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BENEFITS OF abstinence


1. More self respect and more respect for each other.


2. Security that you're not being pursued for sexual reasons.


3. Greater chance of faithfulness in marriage, and trust in your partner's ability to control him/herself with other people.


4. Chance to develop more depth in relationships.


5. Less worries regarding pregnancy, birth control, STD's, emotional betrayal, etc.


6. Peace of mind and joy in the knowledge that you are obedient to God in this area of your life


7. Better sex when you are married. Although premarital abstinence doesn't guarantee a great sex life, it certainly can start things off without baggage from past relationships. People who have had sex with multiple parnters have numbed themselves to the connection it gives to the partner. This is relative based on the number of partners and the emotional bond of the relationship at the time. Many people need to work on reconnecting their sex life to their emotions once they are in a marriage relationship because it has been damaged by past promiscuity.


8. Stronger marriage. Statistically it has been proven that marriages between people who have practiced abstinence have a lower divorce rate. Sex is not the foundation of the marriage although it is a very essential part of the bond between husband and wife. Avoid choosing your mate based on their sexual performance over other characteristics such as shared values, goals and companionship.


9. Freedom from memories of past sexual partners. All of the forgiveness in God's kingdom doesn't erase memories. Suppose you are sexually active, and do find the love of your life, and they are your soulmate, but they are not the best sex you've ever had. If you had nothing to compare them to, they would be the best sex you've ever had because they would be the ONLY sex you've ever had. Many people can work on sexual techniques and improve their sex life over years of marriage. Premarital abstinence will also spare your spouse of insecurities based on wondering if you are really satisfied with them sexually. These insecurities over time can erode a marriage. Also, a partner who finds him/herself frequently remembering past partners who may have been better in bed can cause guilt or conflicting emotions which will erode a marriage.